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SE Issue: 40(2), 2021 [Published: December 04, 2021]
Estimating land degradation neutrality (LDN) using carbon sequestration pedotransfer function on dissimilar land use and land cover in humid tropics
Ernest Chidozie, Okorocha Ogechi, Chukwurah Michael, Taqi Raza, Muhammad Farhan Qadir, Uka-Onuoha Chibuikem, Onyechere Adaobi and Iheka Winifred
The role of soil-protective crop rotations, tillage and fertilizers in stabilizing erosion processes and the preservation of organic carbon on the....
Emma Gaevaya and Olga Bezuglova
Assessment of potentially toxic metals and their mineral species in soils of arable farmlands in the southeastern Niger Delta basin, Nigeria
Azubuike S. Ekwere, Ebenezer A. Kudamnya and Wilson E. Osung
Metsulfuron-methyl and glyphosate transport in a mollisol soil in the Pampean region of Argentina
Eliana S. Gonzalo Mayoral, Virginia C. Aparicio, Eduardo De Gerónimo and José L. Costa
Short communication: Evaluation of cypermethrin dissipation rate in tomato, okra and cauliflower
Barkat Ali Khan, Wasi Ullah Khan, Farida Anjum, Bilal Jan, Ramat Ali Khan and Zulqarnain
Foliar applied calcium chloride confers drought tolerance in maize by modulating growth and agronomic attributes
Salman Haider Abbasi, Mudassir Aziz, Khuram Mubeen and Muhammad Usman Jamshaid
Effects of hydrogels on citrus yield and soil physico-chemical properties in rainfed area of district Attock
Abid Ali, Ayesha Malik, Rahina Kausar, Muhammad Imran Akram and Muhammad Akmal
Hydrochemical evaluation of groundwater suitability for irrigation in lower Sindh, Pakistan
Kirshan Chand, Fahad Nazir Khoso, Arfan Ahmed Gilal, Abdul Mubeen Lodhi and Ghulam Murtaza Jamro
Indexing plant available sulfur content in the major oil seed producing districts of Potohar, Pakistan
Huma Aziz, M.T. Siddique, Humair Ahmed, M. Iqbal and M. Asad Hameed
Rhizobial inoculation in soil improves growth, yield and economic returns of irrigated chickpea
Hafiz Muhammad Azher Fareed, Amar Matloob, Khurram Mubeen, Muhammad Baqir Hussain


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