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PJSS Issue: 22(4), 2003
Assessment of municipal solid waste for nutrient elements and heavy toxic metals
Zahir Shah and M. Anwar
Performance of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to NaCI stress at early growth stages in solution culture
J. Akhtar, W.M. Bhutta, M, Ibrahim, M. Anwar-ul-Haq, A. Shahzad and Tanveer-ul-Haq
Response of some wheat genotypes crown under saline (NaCI) environment
MM. Shirazi, MA. Khan, B. Khanzada, M.H. Naqvi, Muhammad Ali, S.M. Mujtaba, Saba Mumtaz, Mukhtiar AH, MA, Halo and M. Rafique
Screening of wheat cultivars against salinity
Akhtar Nawaz Khan, Muhammad Aslam Khan and Ghulam Saddiq
Wheat response to copper application in various zones of the Punjab
S.J.A. Sherazi, J. Iqbal, K.H. Gill, S.M. Mian, M. Ramzan, M.K.Shaheen and I. Ali
Rice response to boron application in rice and central zones op the Punjab
J. Iqbat, K. R. Gill, S.M. Mian, S. J. A. Sherazi, A. A. Sheikh, M. Ramzan and M. K. Shaheen
Maize response to Fe application in central and barani zones of the Punjab
K.H. Gill, S.J.A. Sherazi, J. Iqbal, S.M. Mian, A.A. Sheikh, M. Ramzan and M.K.Shaheen
Response of sunflower to different levels of sulfur
Muhammad Jamal Khan, Muhammad Naymat Khan and Muhammad Jamal Khan
Role of sulphur in enhancing the oil contents and yield of rapeseed under medium rainped conditions
Abid Subhani. Ghulam Shabbir, Muhammad Fazil, Abid Mahmood, Rizwan Khalid and Nazar Muhammad Cheema
Fodder production potential of sorghum-legume intercropping
Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Qaim, Muhammad Arif and Ahmad Khan


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