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PJSS Issue: 22(2), 2003
Assessment of human exposure to pesticide - A survey
M. Ilyas, A. Rashid, K. Mahmood, S. Hussain, K.R. Arshad, Z. Chishti, I.H. Mehmood, S. Munir, M. Akram and A. Saleem
Effect of pH and temperature of incubation on alkaline phosphatase activity in different textured soils
Shahid Mahmood, Muhammad Arshad and Zahir Ahmad Zahir
Relationship of atterberc limits with soil-water constants in aridisol soils of Punjab
Abdul Hannan, Muhammad Anjum Iqbal, Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Azhar Javaid and Imtiaz Ahmed Sipra
Effect Of Bradyrhizobium In Association With Diazotroph Bacterial Inoculum On Pod Yield And N-Economy Of Groundnut Under Varying N-Levels
Muhammad Musa, Masher Iqbal and ZahidAshfaq Ahmad
Response of brassica carinata to inoculation with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR)
Hafiz Naeem Asghar, Zahir A. Zahir, Muhammad Khalid and Muhammad Arshad
The use of W° micro biosensor to measure the site-specific pH chances in the rhizosphere of lupinussilvestrisferthized with different sources of P
Muhammad Akhtar, V. E. Hernandez, A. Baeza, A. M. Qazi and R. N. Escobar
Effect of NPK on the yield and sugar level of sugarcane
Akbar Hussain Gurmani, Ahmad Bakhsh and Ghulam Rasool
Sugarcane yield and quality losses due to lodging as influenced by harvesting dates in autumn and spring crops
Shahid Bashir
Response of different levels of N and P on the forage yield of oat
Muhammad Younis and Mansoor Azam
Effect of zinc and boron application on two rice genotypes
S. M. Alam and SA. Shah


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