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PJSS Issue: 8(1-2), 1993
Effect of seedling transplanting on partitioning of dry matter based on radiation utilisation
Abid Hussain* and R.J. Field
Adsorption of copper in some calcareous soils at low equilibrium solution concentration
Muhammad Bashir Chaudhri* and D.L. Rowell
Compaction effect on the physical properties of soil and crop (Maize fodder) yield
M. Saeed. M. Rashid and G. Mustafa
Corn growth as influenced by water regime and soil texture
M. Sharif Zia; F Hussain, M.B Tahir & M. Aslam
Impact of flat and pit plantation technology on productivity of spring planted sugarcane
Saleem Mohsan, M. Shaft Nazir, Muhammad Saeed and Asim Nisar Bajwa
Effect of irrigation regimes and nitrogen sources on growth and nitrogen uptake by sorghum fodder
M. Tahir Rashid and M. Yasin
Efficient use of brackish groundwater through cultural approach
Tahir Hussain, M. Akhtar Abbas, S. Naheed Akhtar and G. Jilani
Osmopriming improves the emergence, growth, nutrient uptake and soluble sugar contents of wheat seedlings
Muhammad Bismillah Khan, Madhia Aman Gurchani, Shoaib Freed, Khawar Jabran and Mubshar Hussain
Physiological effects of nitrogen and phosphorus application on wheat ii yield components
Arif H., A.A. Sajid and N. Ahmad


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