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Institute of Soil & Environmental Sciences
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Accepted Papers
Soil respiration, pH and EC as influenced by biochar
Tasneem Shah, Zahir Shah, Sara
Bioavailability of Cadmium and Nickel to Daucus carota L. and Corchorus olitorius L. treated by compost and microorganisms
Mohamed Bahy-El-Din Mazen, Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed, Nivien Allam Nafady, Omaima Abdel Monsef
Antimicrobial activities and mineral profile of selected wild plant linum usitatissimum in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
saeeda yousaf, Muhammad Ilyas, Asif Khan Khattak, Sanam Zarif Satti
Comparative study of interpolation methods for mapping soil pH in the apple orchards of Murree, Pakistan
Humair Ahmed, M.T.Siddique, Muhammad Iqbal, Fayyaz Hussain
Effect of textile wastewater on growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Najam-us-Sahar, Azhar Hussain, Ayesha Mustafa, Rashid Waqas, Irfan Ashraf and Muhammad Fakhar U Zaman Akhtar
In-situ immobilization of lead using different source of phosphate amendments for the organic production of misai kucing Orthosiphon stamineus
Khairun Naim Mulana, Che Fauziah Ishak, Rosenani Abu Bakar
Ameliorative effects of potassium nutrition on yield and fiber quality characteristics of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under NaCl stress
Muhammad Ashraf, Sher Muhammad Shahzad, Muhammad Imtiaz, Muhammad Shahid Rizwan, Muhammad Mahzar Iqbal
Evaluation of biofertilizer in combination with organic amendments for improving productivity of chickpea-maize cropping system in pot trial
Muhammad Fakhar-u-Zaman Akhtar, Moazzam Jamil, Maqshoof Ahamd and Ghulam Hassan Abbasi
Determining the adsorption and desorption kinetics of Thiabendazole fungicide for five different agricultural soils.
taghazal zahra, Khuram shahzad ahmad, irum shaheen, sundus azhar, shaan bibi
Isolation of biosurfactant producing bacteria from petroleum contaminated sites and their characterization
Samra Ayub, Iqra Akbar, Rida Batool


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